Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Choosing the Right Kind of Shaver

It doesn't matter how good a guy is in shaving his facial beard, it doesn't matter how skilled they are in styling it, shaving is a task for all adult men and they do not like it. Every man cannot stand having to get up in the morning and apply shaving foams, lotions and creams and balms just to shave off his facial hair. They have no choice but to comply because without shaving, men are considered unpleasant and unclean. This gives them a bad impression and they eventually are affected} in society. Hence men must shave.

 A solution made an appearance just a few years ago when the tendency of using electric shavers started out. Brilliant tools that required no extra effort and hard work and could be used by men to shave anyplace they could find a reflection for themselves. However, with handiness it brought a question for all shavers. What electric shaver or beard trimmer should I purchase? Which can be the best Beard trimmer in the current market? Is Panasonic beard trimmer a good brand or should I go for another one? Electric trimmers start from mere $20 and go up till a $100.

The kind of electric shaver you end up getting depends entirely on your need. Here are a small number of things you should consider:

 What Do You Need A Shaver For?

If you plan to keep a light facial beard that makes you look tough and stylish in that case the best electric shaver for you is beard trimmer with foil blades. This trimmer is an outstanding selection for men who love looking young and tangled and can pull it off. If you want a nice and clean shave then the rotary blades are more suitable for you as they usually tend to lift the skin and get all the hair out just like a razor.

 Where Do You Want To Use It?

Almost all electric shavers are wireless and handheld but some are big and heavy. Therefore it is best to get the one that you know you will need, like a small portable one that can certainly easily fit into your pockets without making you look bulgy from the pockets. Or if you just need to keep one in the office then a medium sized trimmer is fine.


The majority of men is very lazy and hates having to clean out the shaver hair. Hence there are electric trimmers like Panasonic beard trimmer that cleans out the shaved hair by itself when you release the storage latch.

 All these factors help you in deciding which is the best shaver or trimmer for you.


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